Welcome to Pirate Nation - The Sound of Free Radio

Pirate Nation is an exciting new radio project with one aim - to make radio better. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our home location in Bristol UK, the project was started in August 2014 by three founder members and in three short months has attracted 14 members (the crew), most of whom are ex-community radio volunteers.

The idea came from a show that founder member and captain Rich N was presenting on the community radio station he volunteered for at the time,  which featured the best music of the 60's and 70's combined with original Pirate Radio jingles to recreate the excitement and sound of the Pop Pirates - illegal stations who utilised off-shore locations to broadcast the music people wanted to hear and not what the British government thought they should be listening to. The response to the show convinced Rich that there was a gap to be filled, and Pirate Nation was born.


We decided very early on that we wanted to be different. We all knew from our various community radio backgrounds that there was a better way to do radio - we didn't have the benefit of grants or large media group backing and funding, but this also gave us the freedom to do what we wanted, how we wanted. We also knew we wanted to bring great music to the masses without being restricted in what we could play by traditional radio licensing and/or profit hungry record companies.


By the end of September, Pirate Nation was on air, broadcasting a great mix of proper music via the internet from makeshift studios in a spare room somewhere in Bristol. 

Shortly after this we were fortunate enough to be offered the use of a vacant 'ship', we use the term loosely, but she's home and we're very fond of her. In true pirate radio tradition, we had to rename the ship and after much deliberation, the crew decided on Emily, taken from the great Pink Floyd song See Emily Play, which has now become the Pirate Nation theme tune.

By this time, our crew numbers had risen and over the coming weeks we set about building a proper studio aboard Emily. By November, we were in a position to start broadcasting live shows, the broadcast was switched to the new studio and it was at this point we all realised that against all the odds, we'd actually done it - we had a radio station.

MV Emily is currently anchored in international waters off the coasts of Bristol & Wales, transmitting great tunes, all day, every day, uninterrupted, and the 'Pirates' are gearing up to bring a wealth of great radio entertainment in the new year.




Update: July 2015

We have now completed the build of the full time studio aboard MV Emily and live show production has begun in eanest. The new studio. resplendent with broadcast-grade console allows us to be more flexible and sound much more professional on-air. We've updated all the PC sound cards and added some new hardware to give us a punchy, dynamic sound that positively sparkles. Nowhere is this more evident that the Wall Of Sound - give it a try ...